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1952 Mercedes
Posted on April 4th, 2016

‚ÄčI was lucky enough to get to go help out with this detail earlier in March. The majority of the legwork was already done on this from the builder, but he called in some more people to really seal the deal on it. It had some light hologramming and swirl marks prior to us getting our hands on it. It came out beautiful - you might recognize it from the Detroit Autorama.

I mainly worked on the underside of the car, polishing and waxing and attending to the chrome and I also helped apply the paint sealant. I worked with a lot of really talented people on this and they did a majority of it, so I was kind of along for the ride.

 think it looks like it was dipped in chocolate. This car(and the detail work) will be featured in an upcoming episode of Mike Phillips' new show Competition Ready. 

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