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Chevy Equinox
Posted on June 6th, 2014

I got a newer model Chevy Equinox to work on. This vehicle got our gold package, but the owner also said there was a "small scuff" on the side, and to see if I could do anything about it. 
Not so small! Here are some more before shots of areas I wanted to pay attention to. All of them came clean, and what happened with the scuff will be shown too. Unfortunately, the level of work that went into this left me unable to take many after pics, but I have some!
Above, are some really noticable scratches, even in the tan paint. I wanted to see what I could do about these while I was working on the scuff. This wasn't in the original quote, but I thought since I was already looking at the scuff, I'd check these out too.
Had to decontaminate the area I was working on. 
This paint was tan! It looked silver under some light, but looking clear nonetheless. Now some after shots.
Took care of those scratches I noticed.
Owner requested that I did not dress the tires, but I did make the wheel wells look nice.
We were able to completely remove that scuff! There was one small paint chip left over that I couldn't fix without touchup, but this looks much better than before.

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